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Ny EP fra Glass og singler fra bl.a. Mike Tramp ude idag

Target er stolte af at sende en masse fin musik på gaden i dag:


Glass – Music – “EP” – https://itunes.apple.com/dk/album/glass-ep/id868054433?l=da

Glass opstod i 2010 da de to trommeslagere Rasmus Valldorf (CTM, Lily Electric, The Asteroids Galaxy tour mf) og Kristian Mondrup (Lars and the Hands of Light, Kala-OK mf.) blev enige om at starte et projekt med fokus på trommer og energiske beats. Ep’en er en intens lille pakke af energi, progressive beats med en undtagelse af den tilbagelænede og storladen ballade, When the music is done, der leder tankerne hen på varme sommer morgener med hjertesorg og post fest nostalgi.


Mike Tramp Official – “Trust In Yourself” – https://itunes.apple.com/dk/album/trust-in-yourself-single/id891203092?l=da

MT_Single-01 (Trust In Yourself)

Freddy and the Phantoms – “On The Sidewalk” – https://itunes.apple.com/dk/album/on-the-sidewalk-single/id891193391?l=da

Cover_On The Sidewalk_Lille

Black Light White Light – “High Like A Hurricane” –https://itunes.apple.com/dk/album/high-like-a-hurricane-single/id891194921?l=da

CD cover FINAL 2+1400 px_lille

DEED in KARMA – “Stray Dogs” – https://itunes.apple.com/dk/album/stray-dogs-single/id892186317?l=da

Single cover -Stray dog

Watch new video “Trust In Yourself” from Mike Tramp’s upcoming soloalbum “Museum”.

It’s not more than a little over a year ago Mike Tramp released the semi-acoustic “Cobblestone Street” album – An album that showed Tramp from a more singer-songwriter and roots-based angle than his earlier work. Now the former frontman of million-selling hard rockers White Lion is back with a new solo album entitled “Museum”.

In August Mike Tramp is ready with a new album entitled “Museum”, which is making a natural progression, while still staying true to his songwriting style of “Cobblestone street”, but with a pronounced focus centered around a fuller sound and a greater variety.


Since the release of “Cobblestone Street” Tramp has been on an ongoing tour all over the world playing +130 shows from Australia to Europe to the States, where he’s been playing 40 shows this year alone.


In August Mike Tramp is ready with a new album entitled “Museum”, which is following the musical steps of his last album. Listen to and watch the first single “Trust in yourself” here:



The video is directed by Mike’s son Dylan Tramp.

“Museum” is produced by Soren Andersen and recorded and mixed at Medley Studios, Copenhagen and will be released world wide August 18th (in GSA August 15th) by Target Records.




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