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For more info about our artists please check out our website: WWW.MIGHTYMUSIC.DK.

All distribution inquiries must be addressed to Target Group.
All titles are available from the webshop targetshop.dk.

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Join our YouTube channel:

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All Trays for Venom –www.facebook.com/AllTraysForVenom
Aloop – www.facebook.com/aloopmetal
Anoxia – www.anoxia.dk
Aventyr – www.facebook.com/aventyrband
Billy Boy in Poison – www.facebook.com/BBiPdk
Black Book Lodge – www.facebook.com/blackbooklodge
Blood Label – www.facebook.com/bloodlabel
Contrition – www.facebook.com/ContritionOfficial
Deathronic – www.facebook.com/deathronic
Doppler – www.facebook.com/DopplerSpain
Eciton – www.myspace.com/eciton
Electric Hellride – www.facebook.com/electrichellride
Empire Drowns – www.facebook.com/empiredrowns
Enemynside – www.facebook.com/Enemynside
Ever Since – www.eversince.ch
Fading Bliss – www.fadingbliss.com
Forcentury – www.facebook.com/Forcentury
Forgotten Souls – www.facebook.com/forgotten.souls
Hadea – www.facebook.com/hadeamusic
Helhorse – www.facebook.com/Helhorse
Herod – www.facebook.com/HerodNoise
Inbreeding Rednecks –www.facebook.com/pages/Inbreeding-Rednecks/125820669097
The Interbeing – www.facebook.com/theinterbeing
Ithilien – www.facebook.com/Ithilien.Music
Malrun – www.facebook.com/Malrun
Mass Distraction –www.facebook.com/Massdistractionsweden
Meridian – www.facebook.com/meridian.metal
Mushroom Cloud – www.facebook.com/mushroomclouddk
Mythery – www.facebook.com/mytheryofficial
Nebelkrähe – www.facebook.com/NebelkraeheOfficial
No Sign of Life – www.facebook.com/nosignoflifeband
Numbnuts – www.numbnuts.dk
Obdurated – www.facebook.com/obduratedofficial
Pitchblack – www.facebook.com/PitchBlackDenmark
Plöw – www.facebook.com/plowmetal
Psycode – www.facebook.com/psycodedk
Ripe – www.riperocks.dk
Roarback – www.facebook.com/Roarback
Ruinside – www.facebook.com/Ruinside
Saint Rebel – www.facebook.com/SaintRebelMusic
Scream Arena – www.facebook.com/screamarena
SIC – www.facebook.com/SICofficial
Siamese Fighting Fish – www.facebook.com/sififi
Solekahn – www.facebook.com/solekahn.band
Soulline – www.facebook.com/soulline
Statement – www.facebook.com/StatementDK
Temnein – www.facebook.com/temnein
Vanir – www.facebook.com/vanirdenmark


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[bs_collapse_item title=”DEMO Policy” active=”not_active”]Thank you for thinking of Mighty Music.

Demos are acceptable in all formats, but we prefer MP3-files sent to michael@targetgroup.dk along with your CV, press material, pictures and (most important!) CONTACT information.

We listen to all demos, but we will only respond and contact you if we are interested in further engagement with you and your music. Thank you.
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