Boys From Heaven – The Descendant

BOYS FROM HEAVEN –”The Descendant”


Release 9 juni-23

The sequel. 
A strong debut demands a strong follow-up. The pop/rock sextet BOYS FROM HEAVEN are now ready with their sophomore album, “The Descendant”.

The group, though still faithful to the 80’s AOR universe, have found greater inspiration in a more atmospheric sound, where dreamy pads, punchy synthesizers and drum machines are blended with the band’s organic and authentic sound.

All musical elements have been meticulously crafted in this incredibly detailed production, which is mixed and mastered by Erik Martensson (Eclipse, Ammunition, etc.).

On “The Descendant”, Boys From Heaven present the sonic equivalent of cruising back to the future, straight to the arcade hall, on to the drive-in cinema, and back home to mend a broken heart.

With this release, we have made an album that doesn’t just draw its inspiration from the 80’s, but also takes the listener through an array of emotions analogous with this period of music”, keyboardist Mads Noye offers. “The album takes you on a trip from the classic Kenny-Loggins-workout-montage heard on the track “Saling On”; to the sobbing-by-a-rainy-windowsill, 80’s pop banger “Sarah”; and everything in between. Above all, the songs on the album take you on an emotional rollercoaster – and that’s what we are best at!”.

For “The Descendant”, the Danish boys decided to approach the recording in a different way, opting for a more intimate setting. “We know from experience that the tracking process is the longest when crafting an album, and also the most important. Because of this, we didn’t want to book an expensive studio and feel pressed for time and money”, lead singer Chris Catton explains. “We wished to record as much of the album ourselves as possible, so we had time to polish all the details that are part of writing a great, coherent record. Therefore we chose to record the album in my studio in Copenhagen, giving us the opportunity to care for even the smallest details of the album. This, of course, means very little if you don’t have the right producer who can take the recordings and bring the songs to the next level. That’s why we teamed up with Erik Martensson of Eclipse who, it must be said, certainly lives up to his reputation with this impressive production”, he concludes.

“The Descendant” is out now on LP (180gr black vinyl, limited to 300), CD and digital formats via Target Records.