Black Oak County

Black Oak County are Back For Blood!

The Danish hard rockers prove they’re far from finished with their latest hard hitting single, “Back For Blood”!

Following the band’s successful reunion show at last years Made In Esbjerg festival, which celebrated former singer and guitarist Niels Beier’s return to the band, the hard rock quartet consisting of singer and bassist René Kristensen, guitarist Jack Svendsen and drummer Mike Svendsen prove they are at the top of their game, with their explosive new outing.

With a fast, massive and thundering riff, plenty of drum fills to go around and a shattering bass line, Black Oak County invites you into their familiar yet renewed sonic universe. With Beier and Kristensen sharing vocal duties on a dangerously catchy hook, and plenty of guitar solos that’ll make you break out your favourite air guitar.

“Back For Blood is about all the expectations and gossip we faced when Niels left the band and following our second album, Theatre of the Mind. At that point everybody was a critic and seemed keen on voicing their opinions on our music and the band members, past and present – this song is all about sticking it to the rumours and proving a point: we’re still standing, and we’re far from done!”.

Recorded at the world famous Hansen Studios, and produced, mixed, and mastered by grammy nominee Jacob Hansen, the renown mixing engineer and producer behind releases by mega-artists such as Volbeat, Amaranthe, Mustasch, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Jesper Binzer and countless others.

Back For Blood is set to release on Mighty Music / Target Records, and is out on every major streaming service on March 3rd, 2023.

Black Oak County er:
Jack Svendsen – guitar
René Hjelm – bass/vocals
Mike Svendsen – drums
Niels Beier – guitar/vocals

Jack Kijne