Absolution hail from the wilds of East Anglia in southern England. Not the most obvious place you would expect to generate 21st Century contemporary Blues Rock, but it is here that the band crafted their exciting and unique new record; Blues Power, the follow up to 2014’s critically acclaimed Dusty Road. Seeing as the band only formed in 2010 to perform a 40 minute support slot, the fact that they are now, six years on, releasing their third and best record and are about to embark on a run of European tour dates in the Autumn, it’s safe to say that things have gone from strength to strength!


Absolution is a band that tries to tread a new path in the Blues Rock genre. Whilst trying to remain true to the styles and sounds that people love, they make it their goal to create music that is new, fresh, intense and exciting. They have never released an album with a cover song on, preferring instead to release all new music only, which is unusual for the Blues genre. Whilst power trio comparisons will invariably be made with acts such as Cream, for a Blues Rock act, the influences cited by the band are much more varied. They draw from people as expected like Hendrix, Free and The Beatles but also right through to artists such as Soundgarden, Oasis and even Jazz and Country musicians such as Vince Gill amongst others. This melting pot of influences and styles helps create a record that sounds both like a traditional classic Blues Rock album but at the same time brings something new, unique and dynamic to the table!


Each record, from 2012’s raw and intense debut Issues through Dusty Road up to Blues Power, the band have recorded at OneCat Studios in Brixton, London with Engineer/Producer Jon Clayton. The production and sound on the new record has been stepped up to a new level and the album has been mastered by Pete Maher (U2, The Rolling Stones, Paul Weller) helping create a sonic experience that defies the listener to skip any of the 12 original tracks!

The album was written and recorded by Joe Fawcett and Doug Lang. Joe Fawcett (Guitars, Bass & Vocals) with his stunning guitar, incendiary solos and unique contemporary vocals. Doug Lang (Drums & Percussion) is an inimitable drummer. From a jazz background, this is really what underpins the Absolution sound and gives the songs the originality and size that help them pack the punch that they do. They are joined on stage by Andy Palmer (Bass) who, with his years of playing experience, stage presence and stunning playing, completes the touring line up. The three musicians form an onstage alliance that is as exciting as it is musically satisfying! People never leave a show disappointed!


“The band is known for high-energy live shows as well as quality original songwriting! They are making people sit up and take notice across the globe.
UK magazine Guitar & Bass said of Dusty Road “(It) is a riff-tastic mother of a record that guarantees Rocking joy!”
While Blues Rock Review said “Blues Flawlessness. These guys are exceptional musicians!”