On the 24th of March 2017 Danish rock/metal act Grumpynators released their second album entitled “City of Sin”.

“It is the difficult second album” says guitarist, Christian Noergaard and continues: ”It has been vital for us to make this record a lot stronger than the debut. This is one of the reasons why we choose Jacob Hansen to produce and mix it”. Michael H. Andersen, Mighty Music follows up: “I think Grumpynators is entering a whole new league on this album, both in terms of songwriting, vocal performace and overall expression”.

The 12 track album is a product of a joint work process between the 4 musicians in the band. In addition, they have Rob Caggiano as guest guitarist on “Far Away”, a song where he is playing solos, fills and themes.

The band recorded drums and guitars together with Jakob Gundel (Black Book Lodge/Invocator) and vocal recording, mix and mastering was done by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, and Pretty Maids).

Artwork for “City Of Sin” is created by Karsten Sand (Volbeat, Mike Tramp).

Since the debut album from 2015, “Wonderland”, Grumpynators have played a lot in Denmark and Germany. Highlights of 2016 was when they were selected for a “Gaffa-price” as Danish Hard Rock Release of the year, when they were nominated for a High Voltage Award as Danish Alternative Release Of The Year and when they performed at Copenhell.


Vocal og guitar: Emil Oelund
Guitars: Christian Noergaard
Double-bass: Jakob Oelund
Drums: Per Fisker