During the years we have worked with and developed artists like; Volbeat, The Floor Is Made Of Lava, Erik Clausen, Morrissey, Agnes Obel, Malk De Koijn, Joe Bonamassa, Pede B, Hush, Peter Belli, Frank Ziyanak, Tamra Rosanes, The Storm, Lasse og Mathilde, Journey, Bernhoft, Backseat, The Broken Beats, Tiesto, Raske Penge, Amon Amarth, Whitesnake, Juncker, Beth Hart, Pretty Maids, Kellermensch, Bonnie Tyler, Zididada, Johnny Logan, Fastpoholmen, First Aid Kid, Hatesphere, Ibrahim Electric, Illdisposed, Mercenary, Mike Tramp, Mike Patton, Motorhead, Olesen Olesen, Ponyblod, Sinead O’Connor, Simon Jul, Red Warszawa, Shotgun Revolution, Sømændene, Tolsgaard/Pretzmann, Walter Trout etc.

Our goal is still the same as when we started up in 2003: To present and work with contents and people we personally understand and appreciate.

Also, we put great effort into the development of artists on our own record companies Target Records and Mighty Music as well as the distribution/promotion setup we offer for national and international artists releasing both audio- and visual material.

We also have – what many consider the best – merchandise/clothes production company in Denmark. Targetmerch.dk – Working with brands like e.g. Crossfit, Royal Beer, Grøn Koncert and Gaffa, and artists like Kashmir, De Eneste To, Turboweekend, Magtens Korridorer etc.

We also have our own web shop: Targetshop.dk – Since 2005, supplying customers all over the world.

Our inhouse promotion department with over 25 years of experience in the Danish entertainment business.

We also have our own publishing company and work closely with Warner/Chappell.

Target Group are members of the Danish industry associations IFPI and DUP (members of the board).

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