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Mike Tramp - Nomad BEER presentation
Mike Tramp Official is presenting and tasting his first own beer, the "Nomad" beer at the Zeppelin Bar Cafe Venue in Copenhagen. A 5,0% German-style pilsner beer brewed by our friends from Kongebryg. Strickly limited to 300 copies to be sold tonight at the pre-party at Zeppelin bar and tomorrow at the releaseconcert at PH Cafeen in Copenhagen.
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Annelise LeidicherSkåååål ....7 hours ago
Walter WeddleThats awesome mike!! I wanna try it bro!6 hours ago
Marianne Rygaard SørensenSkål !2 hours ago
Michaël PescheSante mike7 hours ago
Runar UlriksenSkål!7 hours ago
Thomas TvillingHvad så Kim Larsen 😜🍻 Vi ses i morgen🔊2 hours ago
Catrine Bremmer🍻8 hours ago

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